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Spilanthes Spritzer-

glass bottle with fine sprayer- 3ml


 This alcohol-based tincture is used as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic that you can spray in your mouth, on your feet and even on your zits. The herb Spilanthes has been used for centuries to ward off sore throats, aid digestion, increase vasculation, cure toothaches, relieve generalized  pain and reduce swelling. Few herbs are powerful enough to claim the title “panacea”, but this one is darn near close. In trials, spilanthes has seen reduce symptoms of candida, thrush, psoriasis, herpes or cold sores, this little bottle will be your best friend. She has been known to help awaken your senses and clear stagnant energy from the mouth and gut. 


Directions for Use: Spray topically or orally, the tingly sensation is normal. Do not spray near your eyes and please always use with care! She is Powerful!


ingredients: spilanthes flower*, grain alcohol


* organic

✝ produced or grown by Mad Crazy Flowers


Spilanthes Spritzer

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