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Lip Balm- Black oval tube .15oz


Small batch moisturizer for your smackers (without petroleum-based fillers).

When it comes to your skin, we believe keeping it simple is best. This product was our inaugural body care introduced seven years ago. We needed a lip protection free from  chemicals, fragrance found in common brands. alternative to the fake flavors & smells in the other pasty “lip stuff”. 


We use only oils infused with herbs we grow or herbs that we harvest in the wild ourselves. By combining essential oils (which someday we hope to make all with a sweet little copper still in our farm apothecary), the charming character of floral scents comes to life right under your nose. Small batch processing of our balm means that our product line changes seasonally. However, we continually make the favorites our customers keep coming back for. If you are looking for deep moisture and healthy lips, give it a whirl. It’s da balm!


Directions for Use: Apply liberally to lips.


ingredients: bees wax*, calendula*✝-infused local sunflower* oil, avocado oil, grapeseed* oil, castor oil* and essential oils


* organic

✝ produced or grown by Mad Crazy Flowers

Lip Balm

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