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Herbal Deodorant-

metal bottle with fine sprayer- 120ml


You’re supposed to sweat! Perspiration is good for cooling down your body and purging your toxins naturally. Our “pro-perspirant” is aluminum and alcohol free and contains no toxic ingredients. The toxins that we eat or inhale everyday want out: let them! This deodorant will keep you feeling so fresh and so clean. Your friends will smell the difference in the best sort of way.


Directions for Use: Apply liberally as needed. Won’t clog pores. 


Ingredients: witch hazel*, aloe vera, lavender*✝ hydrosol, sunflower*✝ hydrosol,  bells of Ireland*✝ hydrosol, essential oils, colloidal silver


* organic

✝ produced or grown by Mad Crazy Flowers


Herbal Deodorant

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