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9 am - 1 pm Lake Placid Farmers Market,

St. Agnus School



9 am - 2 pm, Saranac Lake Farmer's Market, Riverside Park



9:30am - 2pm, Keene Valley Farmer's Market Marcy Field



New This Year! Thursday

5pm - 6:30pm Flower C.S.A. Pick up @ North Country Co-Op in Downtown Plattsburgh

C.S.A. pick up only
Every week we have market bouquets-
ready for sale at these locations-


2pm - 6pm C.V.P.H. C.S.A. DROP

Main lobby

C.S.A. pick up only


9 am - 1 pm, Elizabethtown Farmer's Market Behind Adirondack Museum

 if you need a special order please contact us
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