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We are sisters, artists, growers and activists. We make and offer plant medicine in the form of tea and apothecary goods. We cultivate as many of our own herbs, flowers and roots as possible to insure potency, and we produce them responsibly. On occasion, during peak season, we sustainably wild harvest ingredients from the richness around us, in the Adirondacks. We are inspired by the plants who speak to us and the healing they offer. We thrive to create regionally made products. We dry, dehydrate, infuse, macerate, extract and distill plants for their unique properties.


As we get older, it becomes more apparent to us that while all of the human race is constantly consuming goods, we also vote with our dollar. Through our goods, we aim to offer an alternative to the chemical drenched, petroleum filled products available to us regularly. We minimally package our offerings in recyclable, compostable and reusable materials because reducing our waste is imperative now and always.

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